Organisations of all shapes and sizes recognise the importance of staff mental health and well being and take steps to maintain the wellness of their people. It makes a lot of sense too… Were you aware that more than 20% of the population will suffer depression in the next 12 months? and did you know that the average productivity loss associated with depression is close to $12000 per year per person with untreated depression? If your organisation has 1000 staff this is a staggering $2.4 million! With treatment, it is understood that the productivity loss can be reduced by as much as $5000 per person in treatment. This represents a saving of 1 million dollars for organisations with 1000 staff.

An employee assistance service (EAS) is a system of support designed to ensure organisations protect the preventable losses that occure when mental health impacts on staff. The four elements of The Long Gallery Psychologists EAS are:

1. Prevention Strategy – Policy fameworks & wellbeing projects
2. Preparedness Education – Taylored resilience building education & training
3. Crisis Response – Psychological first aid & crisis counselling
4. Recovery Support – Clinical Ccunselling & follow-up

These four elements come together to assist an oragnisation’s leaders to develop a culture of resilience and early identification of mental health concerns and improved organisational performance.

Of course each organisation has it’s own risk profile and as such, will benifit from a taylored EAS program that meets the specific needs of the work environemnt. For more infomation about how The Long Gallery Psychologists might work together to provide a comprehensive employee assistance service for your organisation simply contact James to discuss your specific requirements.