Leader Coaching

Effective leadership is at the heart of a successful organisation, and is what drives people and teams to perform. Knowing what holds you back and how to overcome these barriers can help you become a more effective leader. Equally important is recognising existing strengths and harnessing these to promote even greater performance. Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for leaders, or emerging leaders, to build or enhance capability. It is an experiential and developmental process geared toward endowing leaders with the skills, knowledge and insight necessary to attain personal and organisational goals, and perform successfully in leader roles.

How do you know if coaching is right for you? In a nutshell, there are three primary objectives of leader coaching:
1. Personal development (i.e., developing self-awareness, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, motivation)
2. Performance enhancement (i.e., overcoming personal and professional barriers to success, maximising potential)
3. Skill development (i.e., management skills, conflict skills, relationship skills and priority management)