Equine Assisted Interventions: Opportunities for therapists

Interested in partnering with an Equine Specialist to deliver Equine Assisted Interventions?

Mandy and Spider

Equine Specialist Mandy Shapland and Psychologist James Douglas will be offering an “Introduction to Equine Assisted Interventions” for psychologists & counsellors who are interested in using horses as an aid to therapy and learning.

This workshop will prepare you to identify opportunities to introduce Equine Assisted Interventions into your scope of practice, establish a practice location for your Equine Assisted Interventions and establish a supervision connection when you need extra support.

There are many models of Equine Assisted Interventions but Mandy and James are particularly comfortable with the EAGALA model because it necessitates a team approach. Psychologists and Equine Specialists working together with the horses to provide unique experiences that practically engage clients (individuals and groups) in meaningful activities that grow insight and skills.

Mandy Shapland from “Transitions”, is a self confessed animal lover and retired Vet with a wealth of experience working closely with horses.  After years of practical observations of the unique relationship between people and horses, Mandy began to research the field of Equine Assisted Interventions.  After much discussion and noticing a growing body of evidence Mandy embarked on achieving her Equine Specialist qualifications with the world’s peak body for Equine Assisted Interventions, Equine Assisted Growth And Learning (EAGALA) and over the last two years has cultivated her experience collaborating with psychologists as they work together with individuals and groups.

JD_TLGJames Douglas from “The Long Gallery Psychologists”, is an ACT Therapist with 20 years experience managing groups in the context of experiential learning.  After experimenting with willing clients and observing the wonderful opportunities that arise from this truly experiential approach to learning and therapy, the last couple of years has seen James’ fascination and use of equine assisted interventions grow.

If you are curious about the value of using horses in therapy, seeing how we incorporate ACT into equine therapy and are interested in therapeutic partnerships we would love to invite you to an interactive workshop designed to discover how you might use horses in your therapeutic practice.

Dates: To be confirmed for 2021. PLease email us on info@thelonggallery.com.au if you are interested in this workshopFullSizeRender


The Transitions Arena 119 Aitcheson St Moggill

Cost: To be confirmed for 2021

For more information, the full program outline or to book your spot email us at info@thelonggallery.com.au

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