Feeling depressed is often a very normal response to a range of different life events. But sometimes these feelings can develop into more than feeling sad, miserable or worried. Sometimes it can impact on our ability to function each day, prevent us from enjoying life and doing the things we need to do.

Depression is the most common mental health condition, with 1 in 5 people experiencing it at least once in their lifetime. But everyone’s experience of depression is different, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s going on. If you feel you need help then finding out more about depression and how it might relate to your experience can be an important first step. For information about depression, you could consult your GP, or check out the resource links here.

The good news is that depression doesn’t have to be a life-long sentence. There are a range of therapies that have been researched and shown to be very effective in supporting people through depression and back into enjoying life. And, you don’t have to have a clinical diagnosis of depression to benefit from seeking help. Many people seek help in better understanding themselves and making their lives more positive.

This video gives a good description of how depression might feel for some people.

I had a black dog – his name was depression