Grief and Loss

Grief is the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual response to actual or threatened loss of a person, thing or place to which we are emotionally attached. Grief comes with loss, not just through the death of a loved one, but many other experiences such as the loss of a pet, job, home, marriage or partnership, as well as the loss of a dream or life goal, a sense of safety after a traumatic event, or even retirement.

Just as grief can be triggered by a wide range of events, it also involves a wide range of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Sometimes these experiences feel confusing, or wrong, and many individuals are not sure “how to grieve”. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but with the right support you can find the best way for you to cope with your unique grief experience.

Grief therapy is not just any therapy, but requires a deep understanding and appreciation for the human experience of loss and the process of grief. Our psychologists at The Long Gallery are specifically trained in working with grief and loss issues, with children, individuals and couples.