Speech Pathology Sessions

Speech Pathology Services 

Initial consultation (approximately 1hr)

This focus of this session is to gather information about your concerns for your child’s speech- language and/or literacy skills development. This information is gathered in a number of ways including:

  • a conversation about your concerns including background medical and developmental history. If you have letters or reports from other health professionals it may be useful to bring these along.
  • the speech pathologist spending time interacting with your child to make observations about how your child communicates – for example playing a game
  • language and/or speech sound screening “assessments” to help develop a plan of action.
  • a summary report outlining the background information, observations and recommendations.

Recommendations may include the following:

  • a more detailed assessment of your child’s speech, language, and/or literacy skills to determine the nature and extent of their speech-language difficulties
  • a referral to an audiologist for a hearing test to rule out any underlying hearing difficulty.
  • referral to another health or allied health professional
  • commencing therapy to target the identified speech-language difficulty

Assessment sessions can vary in length from 30 – 90 minutes depending on what aspect of speech-language skills we’re investigating. The assessment may be completed over more than one session. Once the assessments have been completed, the information with be analysed and a report provided to you. The analysis and report writing can be a complex process. Once a report is completed you will be invited to a face-to-face meeting to discuss the results and recommendations.

Therapy sessions go for 30-40 minutes and target the speech-language issue identified by the assessment results. These sessions include a ‘training’ component to provide parents/carers with strategies and skills to support your child’s therapy targets at home.