James Douglas ~ Psychologist

JD_TLGJames’ focus area is trauma, anxiety, depression and managing pain. With 20 years experience in a variety of organisational and counselling psychology roles James has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. In the last 15 years, James has been specifically working with police and emergency service workers and caring for individuals and groups with complex trauma histories, as well as grief and loss.

Of course, trauma and stress has the potential to impact significantly on relationships both at home and in the work environment, and for this reason James also works with people in leadership roles, and supports individuals with workplace or relationship conflict issues.

Having spent several years working with police in training, James has also developed a keen interest in sports and performance psychology and has also worked with a number of athletes to achieve improved performance and to address a range of lifestyle challenges.

Together with his use of strategies imbedded in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies that are backed by science, James’ counselling success, is his deep respect for his clients and their ability to discover the strengths within that help them to achieve their goals.

You can contact James directly to make an appointment by phoning him on 0438 526 373  or emailing him at james@thelonggallery.com.au

Dr Debra Bath ~ Psychologist

IMG_6350Debra has extensive experience working with young people, and is passionate about supporting them in their life journey. She also has specific interest and experience in supporting people of all ages through grief and loss, either as a result of death, trauma or other events.

Debra works with clients who experience a range of issues including self-esteem, anxiety, phobias, grief and loss, bullying, self-harm and general well-being. She uses a range of therapeutic approaches tailored to the individual person, including Art and Expressive therapies, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Debra’s breadth of experience working with people making significant life transitions has given her a deep appreciation for the challenges they face, and enables her to build a strong and supportive relationship with each individual client based on compassion and understanding.

Debra also has expertise in supporting individuals through pregnancy-related difficulties, and is qualified to provide non-directive pregnancy counselling through Medicare. Please contact her for more details.

Debra is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Debra is currently only working with us on Saturdays. You can contact her directly to make an appointment by calling her on 0431 945 348, or emailing her at debra@thelonggallery.com.au

Rachel Goodwin ~ Psychologist

RachelRachel brings a calming presence and a background in mindfulness to her therapeutic work, and her overall approach is person centred and strengths based. In 2008, she commenced her career as a psychologist in Canberra, working with youth, addictions, and in private practice, and in 2011, she moved back to Qld, working predominantly in general practices since then. She has experience working with adults, adolescents, couples and family and with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, stress, loss and trauma.

Rachel draws on a variety of therapies including cognitive behavioural, and mindfulness including acceptance and commitment and compassion-focused therapies, and she has also undertaken training in neuropsychology.  After growing up on castles properties in rural Queensland and cultivating a deep understanding and love of horses, Rachel is also in a unique position to offer the appropriate clients the opportunity to explore their learning and growth with the assistance of the horses from Transitions.

Rachel welcomes any enquiries, and is available for consultation.

You can contact Rachel directly to make an appointment by calling her on 0437 780 444, or emailing her at rachel@thelonggallery.com.au

Mary Kedwell ~ Psychologist


Mary began working as a psychologist in a number of Child and Youth Mental Health settings on the outskirts of Brisbane.  She then moved into a Guidance Counselling role, in a Prep-12, co-educational school.  With a grounding in mental health and education, Mary has adopted a client-centred, integrative approach within a systemic framework.  This means that Mary flexibly and creatively uses a range of research-based techniques to work with young people and adults, individually or collaboratively (eg., couple, family, school).

Mary provides a therapeutic space encouraging growth and development through the reflective exploration of each person’s narrative (story).  In addition to a passion for systemic psychotherapy, Mary is also passionate about assisting people (of all ages) who have not yet learnt to read.

You can contact Mary directly to make an appointment by calling her on 0403 860 365, or emailing her at mary@thelonggallery.com.au

Maria Offermans ~ Speech Pathologist


Our speech pathologist Maria offers a family-centred, holistic practice working with school-aged and pre-school aged children in the areas of speech sounds, pre-literacy, literacy and language.The ability to understand and use spoken language effectively is critical for a child’s successful transition to life at school. Indeed, strong spoken language skills are the foundation for later-developing literacy skills, including reading, writing and spelling. The transition from spoken language to written language can be difficult for children whose spoken language foundation is shaky.All behaviour is an attempt to communicate something, for example, a feeling or an idea. In the school setting a child who experiences difficulties understanding and/or using spoken language effectively may present with behavioural “problems”. Aggression, anxiety, non-compliance and avoidance behaviours may mask an underlying spoken language difficulty.

Working collaboratively with The Long Gallery’s team to determine if a child’s spoken language skills are impacting on their social-emotional, behavioural, and academic wellbeing. Common issues that Maria can address include:

  • speech difficulties
  • language difficulties 
  • behaviour difficulties 

You can contact Maria directly to make an appointment by phoning her on 0409 781 625, or emailing her at maria@thelonggallery.com.au

has 10 years experience in child, youth, relationship and family issues, and maintains a strong interest in working to support families and young people, including marginalised and hard-to-reach clients. Before his career in psychology and human services, he studied a law degree, worked in I.T., corporate governance and legal and technical writing but his life changed when he spent three years in a front-line child protection position. Now married and with two school-aged children, he has diverse experience with clients, staff and volunteers gained through various roles within private practice, with community organisations and State government.