Phillip Garlick ~ Psychologist


After growing up in country NSW and serving in the military as a soldier for 5 years and more recently working in an adult male prison, Phil has deep appreciation for the impact of stressful environments on men and their families.  Seeing those who thrive in these environments and those who have great struggle has given Phil a curiosity about human processes that influence the decisions that we make and the influence that those processes have on our personal relationships and life goals.

Without judgement  Phil engages clients in a process of personal discovery that is tailored to each individual.  Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and  compassion focused frameworks he strives to strike a balance between the critically important meaning making with the identification of practical solutions. Whether his client’s are being adversely affected by long periods of low mood, are experiencing anger or anxiety related to their past experiences or they are working on performance enhancement, Phil takes a strength based approach that values the client’s experience.

While Phil does enjoy the often quiet and calm work that happens inside the consulting room, his real passion is with the outdoors and a little adventure.  If you’d like an outside session don’t hesitate to ask.  Phil knows as we all do here at The Long Gallery, some of the best work has been done on foot!

You can contact Phil directly to make an appointment by phoning him on 0417 899 568  or emailing him at


Rachel Goodwin ~ Psychologist


Rachel has recently returned from maternity leave and is a proud new mum. She is familiar with the challenges new Mums face and is comfortable working with PND. She is client centred and adopts a flexible and compassionate approach allowing clients to explore underlying issues, find their own meaning and hopefully move forwards in a valued direction.

Trained in CBT, ACT, Gestalt, Mindfulness and trauma focused approaches, Rachel understands the importance of providing evidence based practice. At the same time she is also a country girl at heart and she enjoys using nature to help anchor clients in the present moment, take time out and breathe and connect with what’s important.

She has worked with both adults and adolescents who have diverse presentations including mood and anxiety conditions, grief and PTSD and is experienced in helping people adjust to stressful situations.

Rachel has worked as a clinician for over 10 years in both medical centres and private practice and she appreciates working collaboratively with other health professionals and doctors.

You can contact Rachel directly to make an appointment by calling her on 0437 780 444, or emailing her at


Inge De Jong ~ Psychologist

Inge De Jong Photo

Inge is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Teacher. She has over 20 years experience working as a psychologist in primary and secondary schools, university and the disability sectors. She has a special interests in supporting the wellbeing of children and adolescents with learning difficulties and developmental disabilities.

Inge enjoys conducting learning assessments and is passionate about helping young people and those who care for them to understand their strengths and difficulties in order to support their development and advocate for their needs in the school setting.  In her counselling practice Inge draws on a range of evidence based approaches, including CBT and ACT.  She comes from a strong belief in the value of strength based and relational approaches.

Inge has a Master in Educational Psychology degree (UQ) and has been a Member of the Australian Psychological Society since 1996.  You can contact Inge directly on 0492 961 761 or email her at


Katharine Knoetze ~ Psychologist


Katharine is a registered psychologist and completed her training in 2003. She has experience as a clinician in counselling, psychiatric and private practice settings. Her areas of interest include issues related to grief and loss, complex trauma, depression and anxiety, as well as adjustment to challenging life circumstances. She has extensive experience working with individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Katharine has a collaborative, flexible, and client-centered style that aims to empower, and prioritises the dignity of, the individuals with whom she works. Her approach draws on a range of evidence-based modalities, including Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

If you would like to get in touch to make a booking, discuss a referral or talk about your potential therapy needs, please contact Katharine on 0426 455 275 or email her at


James Douglas ~ Psychologist

JD_TLGJames’ focus area is trauma, anxiety, depression and managing pain. With 20 years experience in a variety of organisational and counselling psychology roles James has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. In the last 15 years, James has been specifically working with police and emergency service workers and caring for individuals and groups with complex trauma histories, as well as grief and loss.Of course, trauma and stress has the potential to impact significantly on relationships both at home and in the work environment, and for this reason James also works with people in leadership roles, and supports individuals with workplace or relationship conflict issues.Having spent several years working with police in training, James has also developed a keen interest in sports and performance psychology and has also worked with a number of athletes to achieve improved performance and to address a range of lifestyle challenges.Together with his use of strategies imbedded in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies that are backed by science, James’ counselling success, is his deep respect for his clients and their ability to discover the strengths within that help them to achieve their goals.You can contact James directly to make an appointment by phoning him on 0438 526 373  or emailing him at